Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hello Back! ♥

Shalom, Hello, Hi readers! 

It's been a long time I haven't update anything since the last post in May. So, hopefully after this I could spend some time for blogging 'cause I miss blogging :)'s been more than a month already where I'm back to basic. Be a student. Yeahh... its my final year (hopefully I could make it as final year...) To be honest, it's gonna be my tough semester. Pheww~ this ain't easy.

This semester I'm facing 3 KILLER subjects (this is what I'm trying to say..) Business Finance, Investment and Operation Management. I'm still trying to get "chemistry" with Investment. Yet, I feels I'm zero ==''

Nevermind, I know I can catch up everything (hopefully...) Sighhh.... Well...that just not really important actually. Hehehe. I wanna share a bit what had happened this lately.

Firstly... Say Thanks To GOD for what you have right now and let Him bless everything for whatever you do in your life. Because you will never know what will happen tomorrow and future.
Why I'm telling this??
This is because my friends and I were facing some challenges each day no matter what we do and wherever we are. Not just that, I learnt that what matter is not only about ourselves but others too. Sometimes, we are too being ego until we can't figure it out by our own what's the best for us. But well...nothing is impossible right :) 

Sometimes we have be to patience. Sometimes we need to let go if you got 2 choices. GIVE and TAKE are the normal things. What really cares is either you willing to do it or not. It may sound easy to do but I know its hard. Those decision gonna be a tough one because one decision making is been made, it could be change you for your whole life.

Live the LIFE to the FULLEST!!!! Yeahh!!! ^^ That's right! Just show to others that you are not just saying but gonna DO IT! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE right?? Even the word say " I-M-POSSIBLE" Hihihihi.... 

That's all I guess.. Just a simple sharing wanna to share ;)

p/s: Never look down to other because you NEVER EVER walk on their shoes :)
May God bless everyone! Have a bless day 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

If Only...

If only I could simply IGNORE the unwanted things..
I could live happily right now...

If only I get a job right now..
I don't need to ask money from my parents...

If only I have the choices to choose..
I will choose the right option wisely...

If only I have the chance to break the rules..
I will break the unrealistic rules that had been made...

If only I can change narrow minded people..
I will simply straight away change it...

If only I could read the "someone's" mind..
I would like to ask WHAT and WHY...

If only I could change the world..
I want everybody in this world is good in respect and responsibility...

If only I could change the past..
I would like to change EVERYTHING...

If only I have the chances..
I would like to punch that person face...

If only people could realize..
All these things won't happen...

If only that person could understand the situation..
I'm pretty sure that that person would have many friends to be with...

If only... Everything is about "if only". If the "if only" does not exist, I'm sure every things would be done smoothly.. This might be happened because of they think in narrow thinking. They don't think out of the box and does not use the opportunity wisely.. They simply rule their own BODY, MIND and SOUL. They misuse for what had Our Almighty given to us.. There are so many choices yet they still keep staring at one door and didn't realize that another door has been open widely to them. They are too greedy with the things that they want most (I can say it obsessed, maybe ) until they can do anything what they want. Without knowing someone's feeling. Its TOTALLY UNFAIR.

May GOD bless the person who never realize a thing and never appreciate the things surround them. Hopefully they will change to be the BETTER person in the future..

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Brand New Year ;D

Shalom, Hello, Hi!
I hope its not too late for me to wish Happy New Year 2013 guys! :D

Well, my entry for today is I would to share with you guys the moment we had our photoshoot.
I pick some random picture that I love and edit it a little bit.

So here they are...

Photographer : Nick and Ment
Scene : Mukah Playground
Models : Myself and my friend, Oya ;)

That's all from me today. Gonna upload some more in the future. Sorry 'cause I've been busy with my student's life. Plus its my last year in Diploma. I wanna kick some more in my result ;D Hopefully I'm successfully become a Diploma holder ^^

Thanks for viewing guys! ^^ God bless! Toddles~