Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hello Back! ♥

Shalom, Hello, Hi readers! 

It's been a long time I haven't update anything since the last post in May. So, hopefully after this I could spend some time for blogging 'cause I miss blogging :)'s been more than a month already where I'm back to basic. Be a student. Yeahh... its my final year (hopefully I could make it as final year...) To be honest, it's gonna be my tough semester. Pheww~ this ain't easy.

This semester I'm facing 3 KILLER subjects (this is what I'm trying to say..) Business Finance, Investment and Operation Management. I'm still trying to get "chemistry" with Investment. Yet, I feels I'm zero ==''

Nevermind, I know I can catch up everything (hopefully...) Sighhh.... Well...that just not really important actually. Hehehe. I wanna share a bit what had happened this lately.

Firstly... Say Thanks To GOD for what you have right now and let Him bless everything for whatever you do in your life. Because you will never know what will happen tomorrow and future.
Why I'm telling this??
This is because my friends and I were facing some challenges each day no matter what we do and wherever we are. Not just that, I learnt that what matter is not only about ourselves but others too. Sometimes, we are too being ego until we can't figure it out by our own what's the best for us. But well...nothing is impossible right :) 

Sometimes we have be to patience. Sometimes we need to let go if you got 2 choices. GIVE and TAKE are the normal things. What really cares is either you willing to do it or not. It may sound easy to do but I know its hard. Those decision gonna be a tough one because one decision making is been made, it could be change you for your whole life.

Live the LIFE to the FULLEST!!!! Yeahh!!! ^^ That's right! Just show to others that you are not just saying but gonna DO IT! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE right?? Even the word say " I-M-POSSIBLE" Hihihihi.... 

That's all I guess.. Just a simple sharing wanna to share ;)

p/s: Never look down to other because you NEVER EVER walk on their shoes :)
May God bless everyone! Have a bless day