Sunday, 27 November 2011

D I L E M M A ~

Shalom readers! ^^ What a great day today :)
Well, readers...I'm in dilemma and I don't know where I wanna go. 
My mom wanna bring me go to Sabah while I want to go to Ulu Kakus to attend the youth there plus it happen ON THE SAME WEEK AND DAY!!! =='' 
Hmmm....I don't know what is God planning for me. We shall wait and see then.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Shalom readers . . . Morning all . . .
Today, I shares some of my feeling today. I miss you :'( but nothing else I can do.
She still needs you. She still miss you. Deep inside of her, I know she still love you. I know it 'cause I am a girl. I ever felt that way before. But now, I don't want the things getting worst. I know I am a weak girl :(

Please do take care of yourself. GOD always be there for you. U never be alone. Trust me :')

T e a r s ~

Suddenly B I G  tears rolled through my cheeks after read again those letter =')
It felt awkward for me to cry for it. I can't control my own emotion .
I'm tired, God. Can I have a rest for those things? I really can't handle it.

Friday, 25 November 2011

C O N F U S I O N ~

Shalom readers ! :) Just a sweet S M I L E for today :)

What a pleasant surprise to what I saw. What should I said about it anyway =/ That was not what I wanted to feel or to have =='' That's why I don't want anything about it right this moment. I felt I can't. 
That's all I can said. GBU~ 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

f e e l i n g

" From the beginning until now. All I am thinking was she is better than me. Dear God, please show me the right path. I'm still confuse and I can't make any decision yet. I'm speechless. Kinda useless to do anything. I'm not good any relationship. I can't be someone better. I'm just a weak girl. I got nothing in this world except God who can accept the way who I am. I don't know how to express my feeling. And it seems nothing I can do this time. I'm still learning how to treat a person good and be the best buddy. I'm not that a perfect person. I just want to help and cheers someone's life. I just. . .don't want to be someone else if there's someone want me to change the way I am and who I am. Wish you could accept the one that still can accept and love you the way they do before. "

Love, Sycca.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Times . . .

Shalom readers! =) Have a bless day today. It was raining few minutes ago. And now, I still don't know what to do. 
Times...every things need times right? I'm wondering if  I could make it by time. Right now, I'm facing something that I didn't expect to happen. Me, myself also not sure whether I can face it bravely. I just don't want to hurt others and make a bad decision at the same time. I know I need some effort to make things right. the same time, I was afraid I can't be good enough for someone and repeat the same mistake =/ I felt I don't want to do anything. But this case, my heart seems easily to accept things easily. That's the dangerous part actually. Receiving things so easily. ==' One thing in my mind, "I'm sorry if  I make up things not perfectly.

At this moment, I can't say out what is in my heart actually. I'm still thinking. Can I be the one? Will I be good enough for someone? There's a lot of ques came out in my mind. Too badly, I'm not strong enough to handle this feeling. It seems that I just knew how to have in a relationship. I'm just like a newbie in this kind of situation. Still, every things need times to know each other, to get the answer, to get things properly. Let's time heals everything. Only time cure my heart since after those thing happened. The worst things happen in my life. It's just not like who I am that time. And I'm felt ashamed on it :'( Tears roll through my cheeks. When I'm thinking back, should I let him hoping for me? All I am thinking was I can't be Mrs. Right. Time should heals everything back to normal, isn't it? I can't be sure with everything. I can't make any decision too right now :(

I'm so sorry if I do bad things, the way I treat you, the way that I talk to you are so rude. I'm so sorry. I'm really not ready to accept those things. I'm still ashamed with myself and still ask forgiveness from HIM. Oh my... :'( at the same time right now, I missed him. He got works to do until this eve, he will come back. He is nice and kind person. He is happy-go-lucky person. That's his real characteristics. But why I'm still afraid to accept someone in my life? Even though I did asked for it from God. Now, he came and HE gave me but why I'm still can't accept someone as my partner in my life? . . . I do want sharing with him. But will he listen? Will he be there for me? Will he calm me? Can he comforts me? I'm afraid if I make the wrong steps. 

:( everything takes time, byee... How can I handle this things . . . I'm not strong enough anyway :( now on, let's just wait for the first thing that I've asked him. God bless him and everyone =')  

Thursday, 10 November 2011

" Jika kau diperkenankan oleh-Nya untuk aku, tiada yang mustahil bagi-Nya =) "

Whatever it takes, if it really destiny, I can't change it but...I won't hope so much on it. Let God decide everything because I put Him first before I wanna do anything. He knows the best for me and I won't worry so much for it if I can't have it, at least I still have Him in my life :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Fellowship Pra-Christmas 2011 July session ^^

Shalom readers! Here I just can share some of the picture that were taken on last Friday on 4.11.11. There's lot of pictures actually but this one are the best picture that I love. Take a look ^^

Great and awesome isn't it? ^^ I'm TOTALLY miss this moment together. Wish to have it again EXACTLY the same with this next time! God bless all in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen! ^^

What a life~

Shalom readers! =) Seems that I haven't have any followers yet. So much differences than my old blog. Never mind. =)

 Since I am actively with church activities. There are a lot of things new that I've learn. Thanks to all the church members =) It's fun and great to be with them all. The best part when gathering with the youth is sharing! ^^
Yes..I do love their sharing. I can gain a lot of experience and also they do share with the word of God. It does makes me impress to hear more from them. Hehe.
Well...I do sharing but only with certain people who can understand me. I don't simply share with others. Because with the way they show us theirs interest to hear our sharing is they don't seem that they interest with it. For me, what for then if they wanna know about it. Plus, I know who I am who is doesn't know how to tell a story with others. For example, when I about to share with someone, that person might show they don't interest with it or they ignore us then talk to the third person. How sad I am no one would like to hear me ='(
Then I told to myself, "It's better keep silence than talking with others people. Who's care anyway?"
Then, I said again, " Dear God, bless my heart and forgive them with the way that they treat me." 
I am a person that go with the flow. I know I can't judge people. But the only thing that I want is to hear me.
Nobody can be my best companion and buddy except God.
='( Only He knows how bad and good I am. How sad and happy I am. I don't demand much. I just want someone to hear me. Advise me. Accept who I am. Can cheers me up. Can lifted up my spirit again.
People can easily come and go in our life. I just understand with that kind of person after I getting know more and getting nearer to God. That's why, if there's someone did hurt me and talking about how bad I am. I doesn't seem care so much. "Dah lalek dengan semua itu." It's not that I don't care but at the end I'm the one who's getting hurt later. I can't take care always someone's heart if no one could care and understand my heart. =/
I hold these words long ago "Once I do forgives someone, I'll forgets everything with all my sincere heart."
 Maybe I do make someone heart hurts but its okay for me if that person just step forward and said it to me. I can accept everything. But it depends with others too right? That is their own right if they want to keep it in their heart. Hmm...that's all wanna share for today. 
All I can say to you guys, whoever you are, you guys were always in my heart and I do ♥ you guys. Everyone  is special for me =') Nothing difference in Jesus Christ. ^^