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Merdeka Trip with friends! ♥ Part 1

Shalom, Hello, Hi again readers! :D
So tonight, I would like to share about how my friends and I spend our time together during last National day :D

Actually before this, my friends and I had planned to have photo shoots together before the Hari Raya Holidays but unfortunately, some of us can't make it as they had to going back early. Then, we planned to have the photo shoots after the holidays. Before the National day, we just planned to have the photo shoots around Mukah, suddenly Shirly and Emma were planned to bring us to go to Sibu. When we all thought about it, it sounds interesting for us. Therefore, we all decided to go to Sibu. Only Emong and Lyn were didn't joined us. 

The one who joining to Sibu were Lyda, Shirly, Emma, Carol, Joseph, Helen, Deborah and myself. We were all heading to bus station early in the morning just to catch up our bus (31st August, Friday) as we all were haven't bought any tickets yet. Thanks to God because there were 10 seats left (extra 2 seats) for us. We were depart from Mukah at 7:30am.

*Here's the picture of ourselves.

*too many things? I guess so. hehehe.

Us! ^^ hehehe.

About 3 hours, our journey went to Sibu and finally we arrived safely about 10:15am. Thanks to God once again ^^ After we arrived at Sibu, we went to search for taxi to fetch us to our hotel. Seriously, almost all the hotel and inn at Sibu were fully booked =='' I guess it's our lucky to have a place for us to live at the center town of Sibu. 

Then we reached at our hotel about 10 minutes from the bus station. When we were arrived at the hotel, the persons who had stay in the room that we booked haven't checked out yet so we all were decided to leave our bags at the counter and continued our journey to search foods. We were all starving!! ~.~'

Head to Parkson! 

Guess what? We had our lunch at Pizza Hut in Parkson! Hahaha. ( All of us should eat rice actually but at the end, pizza was our last choice. (x.x) ) We had ordered two sets of meal and some extra menu such as spaghetti, Asam boi Fizz and Iced Milo. 

Guess what? Our bill was more than we expected =='

After we had our lunch, the moment we had waited. Shopping + window shopping! Hahaha ><
The first shop we went to was the Christian shop ( Actually, I forgot the name of the shop ) I've spent some of my money to buy the bookmarks which I had ever wanted before this as my collection.

I wish I could have all of them :P hehehe.

The second shop that I was searching for was the manicure shop :P hehehe. I always wanted to go there just to get some try. Seriously, that was my first time and I don't know what to do and I'm just follow the instructions. 

Wash and clean my hands before getting my manicure to be done :D

Within the time waiting for my manicure to be done, my other friends were went to walk around the Parkson ( too bad I was left alone )= ) But then, I was entertain by listening to the Chinese and Taiwan songs at the shop. ( Thanks God I know the Chinese language ) So, here were their pictures taken by them. I can't describe them all because I'm not with them and my camera was with them from the time being. 

Guess who's ears were these? xP hehehe.

I guess all of them just walk around the Parkson. Looking for something that caught their eyes.

After a long hours of waiting, finally I got my manicure done. All I can say is the making of nail polish was not so satisfied. Why? Because they were not so dried up. The machine was not so good in condition. It didn't blow dry up all the fingernails. I was a bit upset for it :((

If you were in my shoes, do you satisfy with these? I'm only love the colors.

Don't worry! I'm still love it! :D hehe.. The next station we went was Jun Rong. 

We were just looking around the shop. Looking for something which is affordable and good quality. At the end, we just went back to our hotel and check in + took some rest before we went to Night Market.

After a refreshing and relaxation time end, we were about to go to Night Market. There were so many people around. As usual the buying and selling transaction were occur. We were definitely really starving and all of us were looking for something to eat. 

Our classmate, Tamrin promised to bring us had dinner at his house. We've just thought that we bought some foods while waiting for him to fetch us. Unfortunately, Tamrin changed his mind and the plan which we were suppose to be ate dinner together to tomorrow lunch. Therefore, Tamrin took us to wherever we wanted to go. Thanks God that all of us still able to go to Star Mega Mall as we arrived there about 9:30pm and as you know the mall was about to close at 10:00pm. I was lucky when I saw an attractive luggage and I'm insist to buy one. My friends and I quickly went to the counter to make the payment as the mall began to close all the lights in the building. Actually, we thought we could bought some Big Apples to eat to bring back to our hotel. We didn't expect that it had closed earlier before we arrived. Too bad for me because I'm craving a lot for it! =(

Can you guess how big this shopping mall?? This is just a part of it. 

Actually, I'm not sure with the name. It is either Star Mega Mall and Medan Bintang Utama.
I think both are just the same =P

After that, Tamrin brought us to Sibu Superbowl! =D It's time to ROCK! Hehehe. It's in our list because all of us had planned it earlier. Thanks to God because we still can make it on time and all of us just played for 1 set. The biggest score was Lyda. Hehehe. Well, we had so much fun! ^^

About less than one hour playing, we were heading to McD!! ^^ Yeahh! One of my fav!! I bought one double cheese burger. Oh my! At last, I had fulfill my satisfaction of mine! hehehe. After take away the fast foods, we went to the other shop for us to have our supper (forgot the name). It was late night already + all of us really damn tired...

Finally, we end our day at here =) We were totally exhausted!! Once we got into our hotel rooms, I quickly changed and ready off to bed!~ Though all of us got tired, yet we're still had the excitement and had something extremely fun. Thank you, Lord for a such wonderful and bless day. Though I got a long headache since the evening, I still got the passion to join my other friends along the day. Thanks for the day once again, God! ^^

To be continue in Part 2 ツ...

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