Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear someone who has hurt me recently,

       First of all, I thank you for every thing since I know all about you. Nothing can compares you because you are unique and has a different personality than other. I thank you to God too because I have the chance to know you even though just for a while. 
        Nothing much I can say though you may hurt me a lot, I will not come to you and slap you for twice. I would think twice if I wanna do it, for reasonably. Let the things that happened between us be our lesson and never repeat the same mistake again. Maybe I'm the one who cause the trouble or maybe you. I won't blame anybody but let's think again for what we had done. Let God do the judgment. 

        I don't want to get mad and what I think there's no need for me to tell you what you did that makes my heart hurt. You know yourself and I know myself. I forgive you. But if you don't accept my apologize, it's up to you. But please don't bear a grudge. You don't have to.
I know that is not who you are. 

        You have ever being a part of my life; I won't forget you and I never regret it. You have given by God for me to meet, to know and to share what we know each other. There's nothing for me to regret about it.

         I think that's all from me =) May God bless you and have a successful life. You’ll be always in my pray. Take care always =)

Proverbs 3:12 For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom hedelighteth.

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