Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Convocation Day

Shalom Hello Hi! Sorry for the late post. Been so busy since last week. 
I thanked God because He always be there, lead and guide me throughout every thing that I do =)
So, here are the pictures that I promised for you guys. 
The 5th Polytechnic Mukah Convocation Day =)

Within the three days event starting from 4th September until 6th September, a lot of things had been organize and here's the picture taken within those days.

It's our cousin's English Lecturer made these chocolates.

At last, he made it to the Convocation Day! :D
* with Rolland and his girlfriend, Helen ^^

Sorry guys. Only these pictures that I afford to upload. Among those three days, I'm only spend one day which is on the second day at night to help at our class stall selling our foods. On the last day, I just came for a while to visit our stall that time. The foods and drinks that we sold those days were Nasi Ayam, Chocolates, Milo Oreo, Milo Blended and Banpillo ( one of our new product ) FOR SURE, our top-selling product is Milo Oreo =D Me myself always bought it because I love the drink so much! ^^ 

I guess that all from me.
p/s: Sorry if this blog seems mess around. I'm run out ideas to describe it actually =P

Have a bless day!

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