Monday, 3 September 2012

Merdeka Trip with Friends! ♥ Part 2

Shalom, Hello, Hi! Here we are..continue to the Part 2! ^^

My my~ all of us wake up late at 8am ++ hehehehe. That's mean we all are really really tired after a long walk. (>.<) But still we conquer the fun :D hehehe. That morning, we went to the top of the dry market to have our breakfast. We had to catch our time because Tamrin had promised to bring us to his house and "beraya" at his house. hehe. 

* The looks after breakfast ^^

After we had our breakfast, we continued our journey to take some pictures at different places (I don't know the name..) So, here's the pictures of us :D

Though we had to catch up the time, we still have the time to take some pictures. 
(I don't have any words to describe more about how great to have the time together like this =) )

*At Tamrin's house :D

*while waiting for the bus.. let's eat yogurt! ^^

*Safely arrived at Mukah. Praise the Lord for the journey! ^^

Finally, all the pictures were taken, all the memories were made, all the joy were shared and all the bless gave together =D Thanks to my lovely friends because at the end we all fulfill the promises. Thanks God for the wonderful friends. Thanks for everything. Life to the fullest! ^^

Thanks for reading^^ Stay tune for the my next blog about the Convocation Day starting tomorrow :D God bless! ♥

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The chic and cheap said...

so cute. it seems you have had a lot of fun guys!


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