Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Campus Life ♥

Shalom, Hello, Hye guys! ^^ I have been so busy this lately but I take this moment to spend some time with you guys to share something that I had went through these days.

So, for the first day at my campus (last Monday), we just met with our own PA to register our module. Some students were busying asking about their final report from their own lecturer, how to present and so much more. That day was kinda relax for me, my mentor only checked the important points and spacing between the lines. So far, my report so good but not that better. But I do "repairing" my report from the first until the last. Pheww....! Just finished up this evening. Kinda a bit screw up ==''

The next day, our department had planned do some cleaning for the whole department. Plus, the department wanna paint one quarter of the wall in green colour. Just now, when I went to our department, the colour was not so good looking because it is light colour. I do prefer a bit dark green colour. But never mind. As long as other people are happy to have new painting at our department.

So, here were the some pictures I had taken. Let's check it out! ^^

Therefore, as you can see..those were our class habit. hehe. Even while doing some works, we still have time to take some picture for ourselves. Hehehe. We were happy to see each other again.

Then, in the afternoon, my friends and I went to town together. I went to take photos and keep my saving in the bank plus accompany my friends to go to saloon and bought some things.
We had a long day walk. For the first time, I get so tired when go for a walk just to see and know what are the changes had been made. Hehehe. I did bought lots of things and I know mom keep on nagging =P

And today, we had our first class for Entrepreneurship Development, conducted by Mr. Rosland. Hehehe. So far so good. I'm glad in his class. Plus! We had our English class too. My favourite class! ♥ Hehe. Though the face of Madam Jane looked fierce, I know she won't get angry without any reason. She's nice person. Hope that everything will go smoothly after this. Last but not least, my HRM class. First thing we did just now was the lecturer gave a survey form. I might understand a bit about HRM but seriously, overall I only knew about 25% out of 100% ==''

I think that's all for today. Thank you for your time. I do appreciate it. Well, have a bless day guys! ^^

*I still can give you guys a smile though I'm tired. Hehehe.

p/s: Tomorrow I'm gonna have my presentation. Do wish me luck okay? ^^ Thanks for the support :D

Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy ♥ + plus Sad :(

Oh my! 5 days more to go. Bad + good news for me because I'm going back on our registration date. That's mean I'm gonna drive along way to Mukah in early morning. Mix feeling in my heart (oh my English ==') 

Oh my...! I'm gonna miss my mommy, daddy, cuzie, home and my car. Even the environment around here especially the sunset =( Hmmm.... only God knows how I felt. Now, just forget about it. Here's the moment we had dinner together just now (=


Here's my lovely parents, my BIG BOSS, my King & Queen 
p/s: Daddy makan habis. Licin tau. hehehe >< Mommy is enjoying her ice-cream.

Here we are. Eating ice-cream too ^^ But I can't finish up mine =P

Well.. we enjoying our dinner so much. Last but not least, I'm happy that I received a text from him   God listen to my pray (= Let God do the rest. God bless you, Amor. That's all from me tonight. Goodnight. Sweet dream readers ^^

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunny Evening ♥ My Holidays end just around the corner.

Thanks God for the lovely day He had given for today. 
I had fulfill my holidays with shopping, hang out with friends, join dancing and take my own vacation. For some reasons, what I do may take a bit risky but I must get what I want to fulfill my satisfication. (just don't be selfish get often) Hehehe. That's a lesson which need to be learn. 

Well, if we don't get what we want and just let it to come to you. Seriously, you will get nothing. Sometimes you need to put yourself on risk, once in your whole time. (doesn't mean I'm teach you. The decision is in your hand.) But before that, you should think wisely because you might get the opposite respond from others. You'll understand if you ever in the same situation as mine. Nevertheless, you should seriously think before act. Think more than twice. Once you on it, its not really easy as ABC's.

Naa~ just forget what I want to tell. Let's back to the started. Hehehe. Now, I got less than a week for my holidays. Yet, I'm still not finish with my final report. Hahaha. Poor me. Always get something to entertain me. Actually, I had been too much thinking this lately. Plus, I still don't know what should I have to do first. My mom kept on telling me to pack some of my stuffs but I'm still lazy to do it. =P I really2 don't want to go back to that place but I want to study.
I think that's all for today. Should get the spirit to do the report =P
Have a pleasant day readers! God bless ya all~