Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunny Evening ♥ My Holidays end just around the corner.

Thanks God for the lovely day He had given for today. 
I had fulfill my holidays with shopping, hang out with friends, join dancing and take my own vacation. For some reasons, what I do may take a bit risky but I must get what I want to fulfill my satisfication. (just don't be selfish get often) Hehehe. That's a lesson which need to be learn. 

Well, if we don't get what we want and just let it to come to you. Seriously, you will get nothing. Sometimes you need to put yourself on risk, once in your whole time. (doesn't mean I'm teach you. The decision is in your hand.) But before that, you should think wisely because you might get the opposite respond from others. You'll understand if you ever in the same situation as mine. Nevertheless, you should seriously think before act. Think more than twice. Once you on it, its not really easy as ABC's.

Naa~ just forget what I want to tell. Let's back to the started. Hehehe. Now, I got less than a week for my holidays. Yet, I'm still not finish with my final report. Hahaha. Poor me. Always get something to entertain me. Actually, I had been too much thinking this lately. Plus, I still don't know what should I have to do first. My mom kept on telling me to pack some of my stuffs but I'm still lazy to do it. =P I really2 don't want to go back to that place but I want to study.
I think that's all for today. Should get the spirit to do the report =P
Have a pleasant day readers! God bless ya all~ 

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