Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy ♥ + plus Sad :(

Oh my! 5 days more to go. Bad + good news for me because I'm going back on our registration date. That's mean I'm gonna drive along way to Mukah in early morning. Mix feeling in my heart (oh my English ==') 

Oh my...! I'm gonna miss my mommy, daddy, cuzie, home and my car. Even the environment around here especially the sunset =( Hmmm.... only God knows how I felt. Now, just forget about it. Here's the moment we had dinner together just now (=


Here's my lovely parents, my BIG BOSS, my King & Queen 
p/s: Daddy makan habis. Licin tau. hehehe >< Mommy is enjoying her ice-cream.

Here we are. Eating ice-cream too ^^ But I can't finish up mine =P

Well.. we enjoying our dinner so much. Last but not least, I'm happy that I received a text from him   God listen to my pray (= Let God do the rest. God bless you, Amor. That's all from me tonight. Goodnight. Sweet dream readers ^^

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