Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beautiful feeling (=

Shalom readers (:

Soon or after...I know he's not the one. Though I kept it or show it, he would never know about it.
(': Hey you! Thanks for everything though it just for a while to get to know about you. To tell ya the truth is ain't that easy. It does takes time but after thinking about it all in long period. I don't think so we could make it. 

The missing thing this few days was you. I miss you. Sorry to say that but that's the truth. 
Thanks again though I get my great smile, laugh and happiness for a while. I do appreciate everything. (': Do take care there. Wish you could get someone much better after this. 
I'll pray for your happiness (: 


Sweet Love from me 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh Lord ...

Dear Lord in heaven,
 I have faith in you but there's one moment I would be so weak and I can't afford to handle it. Tears would accompany me. The sorrow haunting me. I don't demand much, I just need a simple understanding and tell me everything gonna be alright. I don't want people put too much worried on me whatever I do and wherever I go. It's nothing to be worry about. All I want they do have faith on you, Lord. I don't want them to be like that. They not that naive. They seem misuse it. Misuse something that was given by You to them. Please bless them, Lord. I totally need You. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hey you ♥

My love for you is truly undefined. I'm just able to hold and feels it...
To touch and keep it forever, it's way too far to have it. I know you are not ready and so do I.
Let's destiny reunite us one day (:  

On Sabbath Day ♥

Shalom readers! 
It's never been too late to wish Happy Sabbath for today (:

Let the picture speaks ....

The pictures above were the Sundown Worship at beach on top of the rocks.
It's been my favorite place already! ^^ To capture the sunset from here is the best where you can find it. So, let me tell ya what did I do this whole day.

Seriously, I've been missing my friends so much! My buddy, Connie had flew back to KK. I missed my friends from Miri too. For me, it's my poor day )): 'cause I'm lonely. Huhuhu... At first, I thought no one would replied my messages as I did sent text to them. I was so down this morning but at the end I felt much better! (:

Anyway, my testimony on today was God did answer my prayer (: I'm so happy to know it. Though I want to learn more, I know it does takes time and I should been ready enough to learn about it. 

After that, I went for lunch by myself. Huhuhu. I'm so upset 'cause no one went with me )): 
I went to Secret Recipe 'cause I'm craving for Oreo Cheese cake. So, I went there all by myself. Then, I did text to my friend asked her where she went for lunch. She went for lunch with our other church members. But then, I followed them. So we did hang out until the meeting started. So we talked and discussing the camp that we gonna organize. Lastly, we went for Sundown Worship.
Nothing much I did today but I'm way too happy and blessed (: Thank you for everything, Lord

*That's my dslr memory card. It's already crack and I just knew about it before I had to buy new one. The exact reason I had to buy new one because I can't use the card as it's been locked up. About two weeks I didn't took any photos and I was so bored without clicking the button.
Seriously, I thought the price was around below RM50 but because the brand was Sony, I had took it away for RM80 ==' But never mind, only for my boo :D I must take care my boo carefully ^^

Hehehe. That's all for this time. (: Hope you enjoying reading. Will update again soon.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Silence speaks.

I see the sun is sinking, the moon is no shining, the stars is no blinking, the birds are no singing and I feels the wind didn't blowing.. I do realize those things happened but I ignored it. I don't take things for granted.. Let it be.. Let's see how far it goes (:

Shalom readers! (:

Let's start with the conversation ...
 My best friend:, how do you feel? whats in ur mind?

Mewhat i felt and what im thinking..there's something between me n him. But i don't know, dear.
My best friendemm, it's okay darling, you really fall for him?
Mei don't know darling.. I'm js feels the feeling but i don't know how to make it works.
My best friendrelex k, don't be sad ar :)

Me:  its okay. as long as u here with me.. i'll do my best. :)
My best friend: Cheers! 

Let me shares with you guys here (: Though you do the best in this life, not everything that you wanted, you could have it and keep it forever. Though I know it's quite hard to understand a thing sometimes, yet I still wanna feels it and knows about it. I took the risk. 

Seriously, I don't mind much about things that happened since that incident. Never mind (: Leave the past away.
Now, I'm in the future. I should fight the best thing in me when I'm really ready for it (: Naa~ *bla~ bla~ bla~

Hmm... if you ask my condition right now, I'm sorry..I even don't know how to describe it. 
If you're in my shoes, then you know how it feels.
It's true some girls are unpredictable but I rather says that the guys should know what step to be taken (:

I don't blame the guys. I just want to say that if they knew how the situation goes, they should have act first. 
If they don't, I guess we girls understand what does it means. Or should I say both ego? :P Hehehe.

I'm type a GIRL who is seeking, observing, watching, listening, dreaming, feels it, discover it, investigate of it and understanding of something or anything in this world. 

I don't demand much in this life. Just don't mess up with my life, don't let me feels annoyed about you, don't teach me to hate you, don't try to compare me with others because karma will happen. 
I do love everyone, anyone, anything in this world because it is God gave this greatest LOVE to feel. I won't misuse it. I know the effect. 

That's all for today (: Hope you enjoy reading. I'm sorry if I've hurt you guys feeling. I don't mean anything. 
I just wanna share with you guys. God bless you all. Take care ((:


Sweet Love from me 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hey you!

You ...
All I'm thinking is you...
My mind is you...

But ...
My heart denied everything...
I don't want to think about it...
Let it be...
I know I won't able to do things right...
Let it be...
I couldn't speaks much...
And couldn't act much...
I don't demand much...
Just want you to know that...
I miss and love you so...

You ...
All I wanted to ask...
Could you always be there for me...
Could you always stay by my side...
Could you wipe away those tears...
Could you lend me your shoulder when I need someone to cry on...
Could you be my listener...
Could you be my supporter...
Could you let me love you...
Could you changes the things that you have to change...
Could you be loyalty...
Could you makes me happy...
Could you hold me tight when I'm frighten...
Could you handle me when I lose control...

You ....
Could you . . . . 

My a.w.e.s.o.m.e friends!

Shalom readers! :D
Let me introduce you, my new awesome, lovely yet the best friends of mine! ^^

This is Mr. and Mrs. Greenson :D

Well.. I guess you know who is this. HAHA.

Meet ma new brother Cal and Sys Cherry :D

This is Kane.

This is Dill.

Meet the awesome singers! -Ronnie, Mphilo, Dill and ... I forgot the name already :P
I'm sorry!

Hah! She's my darling :D my sister, my buddy and everything! ^^

HAHA. I'm miss this moment after watched the Ghost Rider with them at cinema ^^

She's Cherry Beth George :D I miss her so much!

Thought this was the last moment we met. But we did meet again! :D
-Frisco, Connie, Cal, Shepherd, Cherry, Dill and me-
*Ronnie is the one who took this picture.

She's pretty Amanda! ^^

This is us.
-Shepherd, me and Brother Cal-

That's how the story of mine goes (: I'm enjoy it.

Hey! Read this.

Shalom readers! (:

Sorry for been so busy this lately. But today, I guess I wanna let my heart speaks. 

This lately, I was plagued by many things. All I do is just keep silent =X Seems that, I don't have any rights to speak. Though I want to speak, my heart said "Let it be." I keep the silent all day long. I'm just had the opportunity to give a smile only. *which means a lot of things.

I really had hard time this moment. I really need somebody, someone who is willing to be there always with me. But at the same time, I don't put so much hope on it. Maybe the someone is someone who really gives impact towards my life. But I guess, God said "It's not the right time right now. Be patient my child." 

Seriously, I don't want to predict someone thoughts, heart and mind anymore. Even you asked me right now, what is in my mind, I would said "I'm blur. I can't think right now." 
Right here, I want to say that. It's not easy to fall in love but when the two hearts do meet unconsciously, you would never knows that is your real love. But, what did I felt right now, ego conquer the feelings. I don't want to admit it. I denied it. I let it be. I don't want I'm the one who chasing the love. That's what we called egois.

We are just a human being. We are not that perfect though we trying our best to make things right.

In my life, I'm filled it up with God, family, friends, favorite stuffs, pets, nature and so on. One thing I demand, I want happiness. Who is in this world, don't want a happiness. 
For sure, money can't buy us happiness. Indeed! It's not that I want to mention or mean something else, recently it quite surprise for me that my mom suddenly bought me a bag, pants and a blouse. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate things that were given to me but with those things won't give me happiness. I'm sorry to say this mom. I do love you. It's just...that was not the way it is. Hmm...

I don't blame anything, anyone or whatever it is. I just wanna know why it should happened to be like that?
Every time I asked, not everyone could answer my questions. Do my questions really hard to get the answers?
Only pray, could relieve my heart. By tearing, I could feels the pain. By thinking positive, I could understand it why. 

My life is getting tougher for me. I wonder, could I make it to the end of my life? Could I get someone special in my life? Could I get myself ready to face my marriage life? Could I manage to travel around the world? To the place that I wanted to go? Could I .....

I know God has prepare everything to me. The choices given to me. Just the time given to me is too hard for me to choose it. He has the plan for me, I'm just wait for what will given to me.


Sweet Love from me 

Monday, 20 February 2012

. . . . . .

Shalom readers! (:

I'm quite blur with what had happened but I know that I can't denied the feelings that I had inside of me.
But for better, I won't think it for myself 'cause it would makes me selfish. Let the heart speaks and the mind think whether we have to accept someone past or their present. To tell ya the truth, I miss you and I love you. To admit and confess it to you it's totally hard for me. I can't be as perfect as like your dream girl.
I'm just a weak girl, simple yet complicated life to have when there's go wrong. But I do have a precious heart that you can't even compare to other person. Sadly, I'm not strong enough to tell ya. Let it be then.
If there is destiny between us, we can't run away from it. 

(': my life would be much easier if I don't know what is LOVE.

Sweet Love from me 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Let it be (=

Shalom and good day! :D

Hmmm! Straight to the point, from where I'm standing. Let God show me the way and the rest I'll do my responsibilities. I may look I don't care but it does matter to me. My attitude, my character are depends on the situation that occurs. Most of the time, I'm silent. If I'm feel comfortable with you, for sure I talk a lot :P HEHE. But I love the way I am. 

Ohh myyy..... I'm gonna miss SO MUCH my BEST FRIEND! ): I'm upset right now. 
I'm still in blur2 right now..and I don't have any good mood. :/

p/s: What I said doesn't related to its title. 

Goodnight! God bless you all 

Sweet Love from me 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


You will realize some day that I love you deeply but unfortunately you found out that 
I'm gone when you turn around (': 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

*let the heart speaks~

Bonjour readers! (:

Actually, I want to speak/talk and share what I felt with someone I knew, the one that I trust and believe. But I guess, I don't have a friend who willing to hear me :/ though I got lotsa friends. Even though sometimes there was somebody willing to hear but then he/she will disappear. I'm wonder what are they thinking. Did I said something wrong or something else?? I maybe a pampered for some reasons but if I did wrong, just please tell me. Don't left my hanging. 

To get someone trust or to trust someone nowadays is really hard. Things that happened really makes me hard to get a conservation with somebody else. I would love to if the conversation keep on going. and of course! sometimes I'm a choosy person with whom I'm wanna talk/share with. I'm so sorry to say that but maybe I'm happy/easy to talk/share with that person.

If only I got someone special right now, of course I would share everything with him :/
Naa~ that "dream boy" is not exist. Is it? :/ My head is heavy to think right now!! Him is all I'm thinking right now. I don't know why I'm keep thinking of him nowadays even though that's just a feeling.  Does the feeling affect everything that might happen? I hope so not. Let the feelings be just a feeling (:

I guess..that's all for tonight. Just wanna share with you guys. 
GOD bless you all (:

Sweet Love from me 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shalom readers! (:
Cheers guys! It's Valentine's Day! I'm happy for you guys, to whoever celebrate it (: year passes by, I'm not celebrating Valentine's today. I'm forever alone. Indeed! :D HAHA. So what? Nothing could change it. Unless my real "Prince Charming" come towards me. Hehe. Naa~ It's only just a dream.

In my heart, maybe there's someone did touches my heart this few days. But that doesn't mean I'm in love. 
Though I want to be in love. 

To tell ya the truth, nowadays, for me it's getting hard to understand how much that person really love us. I don't see it real that they mean it. I'm sorry to tell this. But that was I felt. BLA~ BLA~ BLA~ BLAAA~~
I don't want to talk anything about love deeply. I just feel the love from God. The one who created us. He never fails to love us even we sometimes forgot his sacrifices to us. 
Thanks for everything, God (: I wish you are here and I would like to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to You.

Hey you! Ya you! (: I wanna wish a Valentine's Day but it seems doesn't work out to tell you personally. 
If you read this, I'm so grateful. But I think, you should find someone else if one day you found out that I ever felt the love towards you. Don't worry. I don't mind at all if you are not mine (: 
I'm more bless and grateful to have God's love.

Have a nice and bless day people (:

Sweet Love from me 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Heart speaks.

I just knew that I'm started to love you but I don't hope it so. I just want you know. But i'm afraid to tell you...

Friday, 10 February 2012


Shalom readers! ^^
I'm just wanna to stop by just to say HAPPY SABBATH! ^^ God bless you..
I'm sorry. I've been busy this few days. Will update some story when I'm free ^^

p/s: Oh God.. He knows liao :P Never mind. Just miss him (: