Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shalom readers! (:
Cheers guys! It's Valentine's Day! I'm happy for you guys, to whoever celebrate it (:

Well...as year passes by, I'm not celebrating Valentine's today. I'm forever alone. Indeed! :D HAHA. So what? Nothing could change it. Unless my real "Prince Charming" come towards me. Hehe. Naa~ It's only just a dream.

In my heart, maybe there's someone did touches my heart this few days. But that doesn't mean I'm in love. 
Though I want to be in love. 

To tell ya the truth, nowadays, for me it's getting hard to understand how much that person really love us. I don't see it real that they mean it. I'm sorry to tell this. But that was I felt. BLA~ BLA~ BLA~ BLAAA~~
I don't want to talk anything about love deeply. I just feel the love from God. The one who created us. He never fails to love us even we sometimes forgot his sacrifices to us. 
Thanks for everything, God (: I wish you are here and I would like to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to You.

Hey you! Ya you! (: I wanna wish a Valentine's Day but it seems doesn't work out to tell you personally. 
If you read this, I'm so grateful. But I think, you should find someone else if one day you found out that I ever felt the love towards you. Don't worry. I don't mind at all if you are not mine (: 
I'm more bless and grateful to have God's love.

Have a nice and bless day people (:

Sweet Love from me 

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