Monday, 20 February 2012

. . . . . .

Shalom readers! (:

I'm quite blur with what had happened but I know that I can't denied the feelings that I had inside of me.
But for better, I won't think it for myself 'cause it would makes me selfish. Let the heart speaks and the mind think whether we have to accept someone past or their present. To tell ya the truth, I miss you and I love you. To admit and confess it to you it's totally hard for me. I can't be as perfect as like your dream girl.
I'm just a weak girl, simple yet complicated life to have when there's go wrong. But I do have a precious heart that you can't even compare to other person. Sadly, I'm not strong enough to tell ya. Let it be then.
If there is destiny between us, we can't run away from it. 

(': my life would be much easier if I don't know what is LOVE.

Sweet Love from me 


The chic and cheap said...

oh . this is such a sweet and very romantic thing to write.
it's true everybody has a past as long as we have a future too..


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Bee Bee said...

Naa~ it's just a feeling (: