Thursday, 23 February 2012

Silence speaks.

I see the sun is sinking, the moon is no shining, the stars is no blinking, the birds are no singing and I feels the wind didn't blowing.. I do realize those things happened but I ignored it. I don't take things for granted.. Let it be.. Let's see how far it goes (:

Shalom readers! (:

Let's start with the conversation ...
 My best friend:, how do you feel? whats in ur mind?

Mewhat i felt and what im thinking..there's something between me n him. But i don't know, dear.
My best friendemm, it's okay darling, you really fall for him?
Mei don't know darling.. I'm js feels the feeling but i don't know how to make it works.
My best friendrelex k, don't be sad ar :)

Me:  its okay. as long as u here with me.. i'll do my best. :)
My best friend: Cheers! 

Let me shares with you guys here (: Though you do the best in this life, not everything that you wanted, you could have it and keep it forever. Though I know it's quite hard to understand a thing sometimes, yet I still wanna feels it and knows about it. I took the risk. 

Seriously, I don't mind much about things that happened since that incident. Never mind (: Leave the past away.
Now, I'm in the future. I should fight the best thing in me when I'm really ready for it (: Naa~ *bla~ bla~ bla~

Hmm... if you ask my condition right now, I'm sorry..I even don't know how to describe it. 
If you're in my shoes, then you know how it feels.
It's true some girls are unpredictable but I rather says that the guys should know what step to be taken (:

I don't blame the guys. I just want to say that if they knew how the situation goes, they should have act first. 
If they don't, I guess we girls understand what does it means. Or should I say both ego? :P Hehehe.

I'm type a GIRL who is seeking, observing, watching, listening, dreaming, feels it, discover it, investigate of it and understanding of something or anything in this world. 

I don't demand much in this life. Just don't mess up with my life, don't let me feels annoyed about you, don't teach me to hate you, don't try to compare me with others because karma will happen. 
I do love everyone, anyone, anything in this world because it is God gave this greatest LOVE to feel. I won't misuse it. I know the effect. 

That's all for today (: Hope you enjoy reading. I'm sorry if I've hurt you guys feeling. I don't mean anything. 
I just wanna share with you guys. God bless you all. Take care ((:


Sweet Love from me 

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