Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beautiful feeling (=

Shalom readers (:

Soon or after...I know he's not the one. Though I kept it or show it, he would never know about it.
(': Hey you! Thanks for everything though it just for a while to get to know about you. To tell ya the truth is ain't that easy. It does takes time but after thinking about it all in long period. I don't think so we could make it. 

The missing thing this few days was you. I miss you. Sorry to say that but that's the truth. 
Thanks again though I get my great smile, laugh and happiness for a while. I do appreciate everything. (': Do take care there. Wish you could get someone much better after this. 
I'll pray for your happiness (: 


Sweet Love from me 


The chic and cheap said...

oh , this is so sad.. :( but i'm sure you will find the right one soon.


Bee Bee said...

Crushes on him, I'm still not sure on that. Just I got the feeling likes only actually :/
But never mind (: My journey is still long to have the real love (: