Tuesday, 14 February 2012

*let the heart speaks~

Bonjour readers! (:

Actually, I want to speak/talk and share what I felt with someone I knew, the one that I trust and believe. But I guess, I don't have a friend who willing to hear me :/ though I got lotsa friends. Even though sometimes there was somebody willing to hear but then he/she will disappear. I'm wonder what are they thinking. Did I said something wrong or something else?? I maybe a pampered for some reasons but if I did wrong, just please tell me. Don't left my hanging. 

To get someone trust or to trust someone nowadays is really hard. Things that happened really makes me hard to get a conservation with somebody else. I would love to if the conversation keep on going. and of course! sometimes I'm a choosy person with whom I'm wanna talk/share with. I'm so sorry to say that but maybe I'm happy/easy to talk/share with that person.

If only I got someone special right now, of course I would share everything with him :/
Naa~ that "dream boy" is not exist. Is it? :/ My head is heavy to think right now!! Him is all I'm thinking right now. I don't know why I'm keep thinking of him nowadays even though that's just a feeling.  Does the feeling affect everything that might happen? I hope so not. Let the feelings be just a feeling (:

I guess..that's all for tonight. Just wanna share with you guys. 
GOD bless you all (:

Sweet Love from me 

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