Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My a.w.e.s.o.m.e friends!

Shalom readers! :D
Let me introduce you, my new awesome, lovely yet the best friends of mine! ^^

This is Mr. and Mrs. Greenson :D

Well.. I guess you know who is this. HAHA.

Meet ma new brother Cal and Sys Cherry :D

This is Kane.

This is Dill.

Meet the awesome singers! -Ronnie, Mphilo, Dill and ... I forgot the name already :P
I'm sorry!

Hah! She's my darling :D my sister, my buddy and everything! ^^

HAHA. I'm miss this moment after watched the Ghost Rider with them at cinema ^^

She's Cherry Beth George :D I miss her so much!

Thought this was the last moment we met. But we did meet again! :D
-Frisco, Connie, Cal, Shepherd, Cherry, Dill and me-
*Ronnie is the one who took this picture.

She's pretty Amanda! ^^

This is us.
-Shepherd, me and Brother Cal-

That's how the story of mine goes (: I'm enjoy it.

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