Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thinking about you . . .& I miss you . . .

I miss you . . .
I stand up strongly. Watch you silently. Look into your eyes every time we talk. Waiting for you.
My life seems colorful every time I'm with you. Share every moments that I never had. Watching sunset together and feels every moments of nature together. 

When there is gaps between us, I started to miss you even just a minute or seconds. Leaving you for a while is just like my life is stop permanently. I can't live without you. I love you. I miss you. Nothing can compare my love for you. If only you knew how much I think about you.

I do have so much to say but you are too far away. I want to grab you close so that I would know you are here with me. Kiss my forehead so that I knew you would love me more than I knew. Loving you is the part of my job. Missing you is a part of my hobby as it was one of my interest. I would never ever forget about you. You are the only one who still got the key of my heart and I won't simply let others to open it.

All I can say is . . . . 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hey Blog! (=

Shalom readers! (=
What a bless day that God has given to us.

So, how's your day people? (= Sure you have asked yourself "If only I could rewind back those time." Hehehe. I know you guys would missed out something important or something special (=

Well... I don't know what topic I wanna raise up actually. I just can said  that in my mind is all about him. From A-Z. If you asked me why? My answer is I don't know. Maybe I've been missing him so much. Never mind (= Nothing could change the past and the memories will always remain as memories (=

* Gorgeous isn't it? I wish I could wear this one day. RED always captured my heart and my eyes.
Just for sharing. Bye! (= see ya in the next blog.


Sweet Love from me.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Indescribable feelings! =D . . .

Shalom and Hello readers! (:
It's another new day.

Days by days, I having a lot of hard days but I still can manage my mood well (: I still mark my words that life's must go on. Though it's hard, thanks to God who always by my side when I'm in need. 

Talking about days, about 9 days to go it's my BIG day! =D There were so many things came out of my minds when I think about it. Hehehe. Well.. Everyone excited to set up things when comes to their big day =D
(I was a bit upset actually at the same time.)

Just forget what I said just now. So..back to the topic. Here are the wishing list to be happen on my big day. 

I want a DOMOKUN cake. Probably like this maybe. HEHEHE.

* Ignore the candle :P I really want this cake. Will find it.
  1. wish I could receive a bouquet of red + white roses. 
  2. I wish my brother were here with me. (I'm upset 'cause he is not around )= )
  3. I wish I could get another Domokun! >< Haha.
  4. I wish the one that I love could come to my big day.
  5. I wish nothing could ruin my day.
  6. I wish I have the bless day.
  7. I wish everything in my life going so well this year.
  8. I wish I have more great family (like we use to be) and God bless everyone that I love
  9. I wish I will meet my boy on the right time and right place (=
  10. I wish all the above wishes will be fulfill. 

My... My... I do have many wishes. HAHA. >< Never mind. Those only the my desire. But I really must find a Domokun cake for myself =P Hehehe. If and only if I can't set up the place or time with my beloved. I don't that mind. (= I still can celebrate it by myself and God.  I should be strong for not consideration the past. Hmmmm..... push those sad things, let's start a great move (=

That's it! ^^ Hope everything fine in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! (; 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's hurt. . .

Shalom again readers . .

I can't sleep and my mind can't stop thinking plus my heart can't stop hoping.  
I need your support my dearest friends. I'm totally can't stand up alone anymore. I felt so bad and I can't forgive myself. I had encourage all by myself and kept reminding myself but nothing's can change it.
The situations, the feelings and thoughts make me felt I'm not who I am. I miss the old me )': Truly. 
I'm not that strong enough anymore like what you ever see before. I'm strong because you guys be there for me always (': But it's too hard. Indeed! 

Buddies, how and what will happen in the future? I'm just don't want to see that person in hurt anymore. 'cause I felt the pain inside too. I don't dare to see that person in hurt, sad or not in good mood. Like I do really wanna to care that person so much like before. 

Please help me dear, bu-ddies. Please say a little advise that can makes me stay calm and not to worry so much. I'm in too much thinking and I'm even in speechless. Only God knows how much in pain my life is. Seriously, I missed the family-like friendship we had before (': I miss everything. Totally! 
Hope we can make it better like before. I always pray to God so that everything back to normal. I don't demand more than that and that's what I asked for. Please let God bless the friendships forever.

- xoxoxo -

Sweet Love from me . . .

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'm back! ♥

Shalom readers! (:

It's really been a month I didn't post out anything. Sorry. I've been a bit busy this lately.
So, we have been in April (: Good to know that and one of the day is my day. I'm still wonder how it would be. 

Never mind. Let we proceed with other things. Hmmm... so far..I've been through a lot of circumstances in last month and I almost gives up with those things )): The surroundings, the pressures and every thing made me had no way to count with. Thanks to God 'cause He always be there for me when I'm in need (': Though I've been through hard but March's did good to me.

Now, I hope this April will be more good to me. I don't wish or demand much. I just want people that I love are happy with their own life. Live happily ever after. 

Right now, I want to focus of my own. But don't think that I'm selfish. Think positive babe (: 
People are getting grow up. You know what you do, you know what is good and bad, right or wrong. Don't let people keep reminding you. For me, I need an advice, courage and supports (: I don't demand much 'cause I know what I need in my life. 

In moment like this, i need more love to put myself all together. My love had scattered into pieces and I don't know how I'm gonna put it all together back. =/

I know that when I gives everything to God. Let it happen like He wanted. Nothing is impossible (: I believe in Him. Everything that happened has its own reason. So now, I just need to do my part (: Thank you, Lord for everything that you have given to us, what our needs. Let the things that happens according to You. (:


Sweet Love from me