Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's hurt. . .

Shalom again readers . .

I can't sleep and my mind can't stop thinking plus my heart can't stop hoping.  
I need your support my dearest friends. I'm totally can't stand up alone anymore. I felt so bad and I can't forgive myself. I had encourage all by myself and kept reminding myself but nothing's can change it.
The situations, the feelings and thoughts make me felt I'm not who I am. I miss the old me )': Truly. 
I'm not that strong enough anymore like what you ever see before. I'm strong because you guys be there for me always (': But it's too hard. Indeed! 

Buddies, how and what will happen in the future? I'm just don't want to see that person in hurt anymore. 'cause I felt the pain inside too. I don't dare to see that person in hurt, sad or not in good mood. Like I do really wanna to care that person so much like before. 

Please help me dear, bu-ddies. Please say a little advise that can makes me stay calm and not to worry so much. I'm in too much thinking and I'm even in speechless. Only God knows how much in pain my life is. Seriously, I missed the family-like friendship we had before (': I miss everything. Totally! 
Hope we can make it better like before. I always pray to God so that everything back to normal. I don't demand more than that and that's what I asked for. Please let God bless the friendships forever.

- xoxoxo -

Sweet Love from me . . .


The chic and cheap said...

sometimes we feel like we really can't take it anymore, that we are literally going to die any soon because the pain or the things we are going trough are so hard that we will never be able to overcome them and win them.The ugly truth is that everythign passes, it doesn't matter how long you will take, but one day you will wake up, look yourself at the mirror and say: now it's enough, it's time to live for my self, it's time to stop taking bad things from other people and a lot of things more that you had realized in teh long time.
And then? Then you will start being brave and life will start to smile again.

Let me know how it goes, write me an email or just contact me for any help you may need.



Bee Bee said...

Thank you (: anyway..may I know your name?
Sometimes those things happened really made me felt so difficult to handle. But when I give away everything to God, I felt great, calm and bless. Just...when there's a time when I remembered back what happened, it do make me feels so down. That's the time I felt my life is totally nothing.

Louisa Cindy said...

nice post !! yes, I agree with you :)) we need to surrender to God, and we also need faith in everything that happen, tons of problems come to make us become a better person, always believe everything will be okay in the name of God.

mind to visit mine and follow each other ?


Bee Bee said...

Thanks Louisa (: GBu~
its my pleasure we follow each other..