Monday, 16 April 2012

Indescribable feelings! =D . . .

Shalom and Hello readers! (:
It's another new day.

Days by days, I having a lot of hard days but I still can manage my mood well (: I still mark my words that life's must go on. Though it's hard, thanks to God who always by my side when I'm in need. 

Talking about days, about 9 days to go it's my BIG day! =D There were so many things came out of my minds when I think about it. Hehehe. Well.. Everyone excited to set up things when comes to their big day =D
(I was a bit upset actually at the same time.)

Just forget what I said just now. So..back to the topic. Here are the wishing list to be happen on my big day. 

I want a DOMOKUN cake. Probably like this maybe. HEHEHE.

* Ignore the candle :P I really want this cake. Will find it.
  1. wish I could receive a bouquet of red + white roses. 
  2. I wish my brother were here with me. (I'm upset 'cause he is not around )= )
  3. I wish I could get another Domokun! >< Haha.
  4. I wish the one that I love could come to my big day.
  5. I wish nothing could ruin my day.
  6. I wish I have the bless day.
  7. I wish everything in my life going so well this year.
  8. I wish I have more great family (like we use to be) and God bless everyone that I love
  9. I wish I will meet my boy on the right time and right place (=
  10. I wish all the above wishes will be fulfill. 

My... My... I do have many wishes. HAHA. >< Never mind. Those only the my desire. But I really must find a Domokun cake for myself =P Hehehe. If and only if I can't set up the place or time with my beloved. I don't that mind. (= I still can celebrate it by myself and God.  I should be strong for not consideration the past. Hmmmm..... push those sad things, let's start a great move (=

That's it! ^^ Hope everything fine in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! (; 


♥ Connie , said...

Happy Birthday (in advance) loveeeeee :D

Bee Bee said...

hehehe.. thank you sulu ♥