Saturday, 25 February 2012

On Sabbath Day ♥

Shalom readers! 
It's never been too late to wish Happy Sabbath for today (:

Let the picture speaks ....

The pictures above were the Sundown Worship at beach on top of the rocks.
It's been my favorite place already! ^^ To capture the sunset from here is the best where you can find it. So, let me tell ya what did I do this whole day.

Seriously, I've been missing my friends so much! My buddy, Connie had flew back to KK. I missed my friends from Miri too. For me, it's my poor day )): 'cause I'm lonely. Huhuhu... At first, I thought no one would replied my messages as I did sent text to them. I was so down this morning but at the end I felt much better! (:

Anyway, my testimony on today was God did answer my prayer (: I'm so happy to know it. Though I want to learn more, I know it does takes time and I should been ready enough to learn about it. 

After that, I went for lunch by myself. Huhuhu. I'm so upset 'cause no one went with me )): 
I went to Secret Recipe 'cause I'm craving for Oreo Cheese cake. So, I went there all by myself. Then, I did text to my friend asked her where she went for lunch. She went for lunch with our other church members. But then, I followed them. So we did hang out until the meeting started. So we talked and discussing the camp that we gonna organize. Lastly, we went for Sundown Worship.
Nothing much I did today but I'm way too happy and blessed (: Thank you for everything, Lord

*That's my dslr memory card. It's already crack and I just knew about it before I had to buy new one. The exact reason I had to buy new one because I can't use the card as it's been locked up. About two weeks I didn't took any photos and I was so bored without clicking the button.
Seriously, I thought the price was around below RM50 but because the brand was Sony, I had took it away for RM80 ==' But never mind, only for my boo :D I must take care my boo carefully ^^

Hehehe. That's all for this time. (: Hope you enjoying reading. Will update again soon.

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