Thursday, 4 October 2012

Flash back my memories~

Shalom, Hello, Hi guys! ツ
It's been a while and I didn't update anything yet. Sorry guys. I'm quite busy. 
I know the time is at 4am right now and I haven't slept yet. Thinking about this and that are the normal things for me. Well, I'm so sorry my dearest friends. It's not that I'm wanna stay away from you guys. I hope you guys forgive me. 

Apart from the things that happened, I've learnt a lot. I'm feels it, see it, standing in the same shoes with whom ever felt the situation that I had. I never wanna blame anybody or anyone. I'm just thinking out why it should be happen yet we know that we still can figure it out. 
I admit it that I lost myself because I don't know what I want and what should I do.

Dear my lovely friends, I know that I should pray a lot for the things that happened around me. I'm so sorry. I'm just a weak lady that still searching for something better for me. My faith is still shaky. Friends are very valuable and precious for me.'s true that it would be nothing without any effort. I miss a lot about my friendships. Sometimes, I'm quite disappointed when some doesn't appreciate the friendships. Doesn't mean that I'm pointed to each of you. I'm saying that some other person who doesn't appreciate it. 

I'm so sorry once again guys. I'm learning to stay away for the bad feeling in my heart. I know that I'm quite sensitive this lately plus because of I'm a shy person, how I'm gonna speak it out?? I'm learn to get rid the attitude too but what can I do if I'm too shy and don't want to speak it out. 
But at this moment, I'm not ashamed to admit my mistakes if I do hurt you guys a lot. I love you guys. Seriously, I love my friendships so much as I love my family badly.
Please accept my apologize. And I hope that you guys please gives me some time to heal by my own. 

Mistake is just the beginning to teach us a lesson right? That's why we learn from mistake 
May God bless you always friends  Let Father send a guardian angel for each of you to protect you guys 

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