Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Good News! ♥

Shalom, Hello, Hi! :D
DeFeminine Dress has annouce that there's a chance to win one of the dress which been display in the page at Facebook. So what are you waiting for?? You may be the one of the winners! ^^
There's only two winners will be chosen. Hurry up! Don't waste your time now! 

So here's the annoucement that been made by the owner.

Hi Dearies & Lovelies!!
1.Just click like on 'DeFeminine Dress' page
2.Click like on this photo AND comment which item you wish to win 
3.Share this photo to win either one of the dress away!! (Valid until 29.11.2012 Only)

♥We will announce the 2 winners at 30.11.2012♥

Don't forget to share with your friends too. Have a nice day & God bless! ^^

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