Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Final Exam!

Shalom, Hello, Hi my viewers! How do you do? :)

Well, I'm on my final exams and it had been started on Saturday last week. SATURDAY last week. Yeahh...we start on weekend for the first time. I have done two papers. Thanks to God I can do well and manage to finish up everything on time. Only fews mistake I made.. Well hey! That's a normal things for students.

Being a Business student is not ain't easy for me. From all the subjects that I have been studied, most of them are theories. yeahh... THEORIES.. Seriously, I don't like much on theories things. I prefer more to math. Something that related to numbers. For the time being, I think I'm lack of calculation. Seriously too, I need to put MORE effort on those theories. ESPECIALLY this coming papers (which is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow) E-commerce and Insurance. 

At this moment, I take a rest and think of update my blog. My brain is TOTALLY overload already. But never mind, in the bible said "I can do all things through CHRIST which strengtheneth me." Therefore, NOTHING IS IMPOSSILE to achieve the GOALS! ^^ So as long as you have done your part, the rest you should leave it to God. Like I said, Nothing is Impossible, because we are possible :)

During my study time, I had think of what I wanna do next and I had planned what I'm gonna take. I'm on to it seriously this time. Hopefully my parents allow me to get what I want and what I need.  Pray for me too yeahh? =) Okayy..I think that's all for this moment. Need to continue my studies. 

God bless to all the candidate of students PMU! ^^ and to my dearest class DPM 5B, you can do it! Gambateh!! ><

Proverbs 2:10-11 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; discreation shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee.

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