Thursday, 15 December 2011

F r i e n d s.

Shalom readers! :) Have a nice day.

Well, fellas.. Why? Since the day I came here, he was in my mind? Hmmm...maybe I have think too much about things that had happened. Jiwa kacau sudah. I'm still wondering why?? Baru dah berbaik dulu, hati baru sudah senang. But now I still felt the guiltiness in me. I really wanna talk to him, face to face. I can't stand with the attitude. Is he really forgave me actually? I'm really think too much already. Sometimes can makes me lost focus while I'm driving, the moment I hang out with my other friends. Am I really mean or what? I know I made a mistake. People always do the mistake. But couldn't us apologize each other? Hmmm.

For me, it is better to be as friend for how long you can stand. After a year and another year, you will getting know each other and know their weaknesses and their strengths. To strengthen the relationship are to be open-minded, care each other, don't talk harsh words, don't take to ur heart every jokes that can hurt ur heart. The important thing is to be patient with whatever it takes :) That's the spirit to strengthen the friendship ♥
About getting a relationship in the friendship, i think we should think wisely :) For some reason when the relationship is ended (when we couldn't tell the reason why), please don't try to take a revenge. It's not worth it. We should appreciate someone who treat us nicely :) That's the real ♥ u have show actually. "

I really do love my best friends. They are really the best for me and a part of my life. They never be replaced.

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