Monday, 24 October 2011

Bless Gift :D

Shalom again readers! =D
I'm so excited! Last Saturday, while I was accompany my friend fasting. Both of us decided to stay at the church. She invited me to ask anyone that willing to teach us to play those instruments at the church. It's been a long time I buried this feeling to play piano / keyboard! =D but! on the second thought, I wanna play guitar and drums too. HEHE. xP Then, I decided to try to hit the drums after I saw Oya played the drums. At first, its hard to try...then with the spirit that I had inside of me. I made it! ^^ HEHE. I still wanna learn it more. I love to see Oya playing the drums during the second session yesterday. =D She's not bad trying something new. And I love to try something new too ^^ unless there's someone willing to teach us =P Oya said I'm a quick learner, I know how to follow the tempo but I'm not that confident =='' my bad habit. 
Never mind! Everyone gonna learn from mistake right? =) I wish I can play very well with one of the instrument.
That's all from now. GOD bless all :D 

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