Thursday, 27 October 2011

Couple a.k.a boyfie??

Shalom readers! ^^ Wish you guys have a great time since this early in the morning  until now :)

Well...regarding to the title that I've made. Hmm. A simple question for me to ask. Do we need to have partner in our life?? After been a single person for quite a long time, sometimes I do felt wanna have a partner in my life, sometimes I think I don't need to have one. After all, a lot of problems need to face when we in a relationship. The curiosity, jealousy and so much feelings will occur. As a human being, that's just a normal thing. But from the other perspective, there's nothing to worry if both of the couple are understand each other and keep on praying to God.
Being a quiet person is better than being a naughty girl chasing out for other boys. What for anyway.. I prefer to see other couples been together :) They look sweet. Sometimes my friends do shares their stories how sweet they are when them with their couples. From their advise, experience, I can gain a lot of things to know about IF I'm gonna have a relationship. HEHE. Nonsense!! >.<
Based from what that I see from others, boys can turn to loyal's one IF they do really love their love one. They be the loyal one because of the girl can make them change to the better one. BUT..if after a long time when the girls doesn't want them anymore, the boys can be! It's true! Yet, the boys still wanna make up things right. Sometimes, I can't understand boys. I know that they have a great ego. I just could say that, that's the one reason I don't want to have couple. They are too ego sometimes. But it doesn't mean that I don't really want to have someone. Maybe it's not the time right now. I leave everything in the God's hand. He knows the best for me :)
From right now on, I'll follow what God want me to do. He'll show the way for me. When the time is come, I won't let the opportunity go away. Anyway, I love to see someone since this earlier semester I think
(secret ley :P) only mother Helen know's about it :P Naa~ nothing special about it. If that is God's will, nothing is wrong with it. I won't hope so much. I know it's not the time right now.
Lastly, God bless all :) you guys always in my pray..

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