Monday, 24 October 2011

Physically I smiled, one knows. . . .

Shalom readers! =D It's been a tiring day but when it's time to praise and worship HIM, nothing is impossible ^^

Well...something I wanna share here. Since I felt the present of Holy Spirit inside me, there were so much things I knew. I don't really know how to share but at least I'm trying right now. Hmm... from what I felt and I saw... In our every day life, people may come and leave us instantly. I am a bit upset with some people that still hiding their feelings about me. What I mean is they seem don't really sincere with what they had done. Am I doing something wrong that I didn't realize? What did I had done?? 

Sometimes I don't expect anything that I can't handle to happen. But when it comes to that situation, when I'm trying to solve it by eyes to eyes, they just simply go away. What did I do next is I said to Lord, please forgive them, God. Let time heals every things. Sometimes too, I'm wondering..why they must act like that?? Do they ever think about others feeling?? I can be so down thinking of this. Or maybe I still need more patience to face this kind of situation. I do really need someone to guide me through my life. 

Hmm...things seem went so complicated to me. But whenever I think about God every second until I slept, nothing can change my time that moment. I felt I'm free from every things. All my burdens been lifted up. =) Thanks to my lovely sister and friend, Ebiey. Hehe. She did gave me support since I'm started sharing with her. I felt secure whenever she around me =) Thanks sulu. I love you and I miss you >.< God bless you.

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