Friday, 28 October 2011

In pain day + sad day + happy day..

Shalom readers! :D Have a sharing with you guys..'s my bad + in pain moment today =( This afternoon, I'm in pain. Some people called it "sakit hulu hati" or gastric. Huhuhu~ I'm totally in pain. My friend asked me to go rest first then sleep. As I awake, I'm in so much PAIN!! I can't stand it so I did cried badly. Huhuhu~ T.T I can't walk and even wake up. TOTALLY IN PAIN!! Huhuhu~ I prayed to God while I'm in pain. I don't know to whom I wanna say that I'm really in pain. Thank God my cousin accompany me. She made me a drink and cooked noodles for me. She gave me medicine. I tie up my stomach with cloth. Huhu~ T.T never felt this great pain before. Below is how I'm look like after had a BIG cried ==''

This is my favorite drink! ^^ Milo Oreo :D 

That's all for tonight :) By the way, this weekend Politeknik organize Karnival Minggu Usahawan (KMU). This moment is my time to have my favorite drinks! ^^
GBU all~ 

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