Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

The meaning behind your Blog name

Well, today I'm gonna talk about the meaning behind my blog name. 
Dream, Reality, Hope, Faith & Love
These words I took it as my blog's name because it related with everyone life. For sure you have your own Dream in your life, the things that happen in Reality, you might Hope for something, you also have the Faith in your life and Love indeed, are part of your life.

In my whole life, I have dream a lot and some of it became reality (: I do hope for something that I want, something that I can get one day plus I put faith on it. At the end, Lord answer it. God know's the best what we need. Love? (: Love is something universal. Falling in love, love about things you like, love pets, love music, love name it. Most of the things are all about love. I won't talk about it deeper. I guess you know it more than me. (:

There's nothing much I can say. This is the simple thing I can describe to you. Well, simple thing is always the special thing.

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