Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Shalom and Hello guys! :D
Currently, I'm already at my college =( So sad to leave my hometown. So sad to leave my mom and dad there. May God protect them and keep away from bad things which may occurs. Good thing is yet to come! :D I believe that in the name of Jesus Christ!

Back to the topic..something that make me proud of in the past few days I think, nope. But I have something that makes me happy and sad for the past few days. 

Happy Moments:
1. Having a great time with my friends and family plus I met my schoolmates at KTV >< hehehe..
2. At last, I understand the reason why it has to be happened like that (that's my privacy and it's enough only I'm the one knows it)
3. We (me and my friends) still can ROCK our holidays even though some of my friends didn't come back during these holidays.

Sad Moments: 
1.   My family won't be able to see our  beloved Hilux anymore :'(
2. I have to come back to my normal life  which  is back to campus (I still want to have holiday! ><)
3. I 'm so sad that I can't go to Miri to meet my sweetheart, Joel Caleb :'(
4. I lost my HR notes =='  (I'm so careless...)
5. I lost the CD which I just bought last few days. Pity me. T.T
6. Last but not least,  my dad didn't send me go to bus station this morning. He had meeting at our longhouse yesterday therefore he can't make it to send me back. Huhuhu.... 

That's all for today (=

p/s: I miss my buddies so much. Please take care of yourself guys. May God bless you and your family  

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