Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

Shallom and Hello guys! (: Sorry for the late update. Been a bit busy and too much thinking for what had happened these lately.. But no matter what..I still remember my challenges.
So.. here my favourite super hero and why ツ

They raise me up since I was little.
They teach me to walk.
They teach me to talk.
They feed me.
They teach me to be someone better.
They LOVE me.
They look after me until now.
They sacrifice a lot for me and my siblings.
They earn and work so hard just to make sure that me and my siblings won't having the difficulties.

So much things that they had done to my life. Their marriage life is more than 30 years. I adore them so do to my siblings. I admire my brothers because they had succeed a lot even though had been through some failure in their life. Well..that's what we called life. If you never fail in your life, your life is such a meaningless. Without learning from the mistakes, you never improve yourself. That's my motto anyway ツ

I LOVE my DAD & MOM so MUCHHHH.....!! Nothing can compares it. I thanked you, Lord for what He has given to us. May God keep on giving bless to both of them and to my family. His LOVE is the greatest above all 

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