Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Shalom Hello Hi! ^^
Helllooooo...........Tuesday! :D What a bright sky and another brand new day. I'm just finished doing the proposal for our class trip. ( just for back up proposal actually... ) I always wanna plan for it since Semester 3 but poor me..I don't know how to do the proposal and that was my first proposal =='' At least I try to make it real this time.

So, today I'm talk about the songs that I listen to when I'm in Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped or Mad mood.

List of the songs that I used to play:

1. If I die young - The Band Perry
2. Ku akui - Hafiz
3. With All I am - Hillsongs
4. Nothing is Impossible - Planetshakers
5. Wild world (I don't the singer's name..sorry)
6. Pulai pengujung - Ethnic Transmission
7. Tua selamanya - Majestica
8. I need You More - Kim Walker
9. Jadikan Aku Terang - Bobby
10. You are My All in All - Dennis Jernigan
11. You are My Father - True Worshippers
12. The Day You Went Away - M2M
13. She's gone - Steelheart
14. Yesus Kekasih Jiwaku - Letjie S.
15. ( some of soft mood of country songs )

Those were the songs I played and I hear most whenever I'm happy, sad and so on. Maybe you think I'm kinda bored person because I'm not kinda "an up-to-date" person. I'm just chills depend on the surrounding. If I'm burst out with anger, I'm probably force myself to sleep or doing other stuffs to make myself busy. ( Most of the time, I keep silence. Who's care anyway?? Just don't play with the heart's feeling. I hate it sometimes. I'll just assume them, they don't understand how does it feels and let it go... ) 

That's all for today ツ Happy a bless day people ^^

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