Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Shallom ツ Hello again readers! 
Today topic is about a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact to me.


Sorry for not attach the picture of the Lord because I got his picture in my heart ツ You know and I know. Every things about Him had giving a lot of impact to my life. 
From my perspective view, whenever I'm alone, He'll be there for me because I'll stop crying each time I'm felt blessed.
Whenever I'm afraid, I always called His name in my heart.
Whenever I'm so disappointed with the people surround me, I talk to Him (pray).
Whenever I need help, He'll answer me and bless my heart.
Whenever I get angry and too emotional, I only called His name ツ
Each time I whisper His name, I'm feels so grateful to have Him for all my life.
If there's something that I want and I don't get it, that's mean He has something BETTER than I should have that moment.

My friends. My buddies. My BFF.
Why? With many friends that I have, I can learn a lot from them. Trough my studies, my life and anything. I'm so grateful to have them. I know it is a normal things to have fight in friendship or or relationship. The jealously, the bossy thing even sometimes revenge. Well, a true friend will give you advise so that you can know your strength and your weakness. Not to make you even down or trying to control everything. A true friend is a good listener too. Sometimes don't take to your heart if your friend talk harsh words to you. Everything that happened has it's own reason. Everyone should realize that. A true friend will always be there for you. Don't be so selfish in a relationship. A true friend always forgive and forget. 

For me.. they have makes me realize something that I never think it about. They teach me to be strong, faithful, love, loyalty, caring, humble and so much more. Without them, I'm probably nothing right now. I may be been through a culture shock, I may be don't know anything about the world outside. I'm may be not who I am today. Thanks to them ツ I LOVE them so muucchhh....too...........!! 

That's all from today. Thanks for willing to spend some time to read my blog (: I appreciate is so much. Have a bless day.

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