Sunday, 29 January 2012

I want to feel it too (':

Shalom again readers! (:

As far as I concern, I have thinking about this world, the people and my own life. There are a lot of different people, different culture, different characteristics, different perspective and so on. 
I wonder, how people gonna achieve or prove something that they have found if there's some people in this world don't believe for what has other found. 

Generally, the simple things in this world to understand is Love.  Yea, what I'm gonna talk about here is love. How many people in this world really know what is LOVE ? For me, I know I still need to learn more on it. 
It's not that I don't understand. I know love is something we need to feel but at the same time, we need to act the way we love somebody. But I shall tell you this, God's love is more precious that ever. He is the creator, He understand more about His people (:

Talking about love. I'm really sensitive at this moment whenever I'm listen or think whatever that related to love. I don't know why but that's how it happen. I don't want to recall back for what had happened but I'm so disappointed. I'm really don't know how to explain. Only God knows how I feel.

50% in my mind I wanna to find someone to complete my life but another 50%, I'm thinking, "I'm still have a long journey. The destiny doesn't go anywhere. I should prepare myself to worship God and for my future. I know women won't die for a men. A strong woman can survive by themselves." It's really hard to find what we want sometimes but seriously, people in this world always demand much than they could afford. Nobody's perfect in this world. 

Seriously guys, my life won't be so complete w/o my friends too. From what I feels and see, we can't trust anyone unless to God. We put so much hope on Him. He gives us anything what we want if we patiently wait for it and have faith on it. I pray a lot but sometimes I felt that I don't deserve for something what I wanted and for something I had right now. There's a lot of things more I need to understand. I want to be in love, I want there's really love me, I really want to feel the real love in me. Someone is really sincere with love.
But I guess, I can't have it right now. Maybe it's not the time yet. That's the answer God gives me. 

The fact is in my life, not all people has the same thought in their mind. Let the feelings only myself understand it. People won't understand it if they never felt how was the situation go. I do wanna share more. If I really want to, I can make one book on life or love. All I can say is I love everyone (': I love them so much. Hope that they understand.

Sweet Love from me 

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