Thursday, 19 January 2012

Peak-A-Boo ! xD

Hye guys! Shalom ! ^^

Hmm! Actually tiada kena mengenakan dgn tajuk itu pun dgn apa yg sye mau type di sini :P
But seriously, I'm happy with my life now :) Now and forever. 

Some people said with a big family or having a partner is such a burden for them. Everyone ever thinks like that. No one is perfect in this world. It's our decision actually whether to let them go in our life or back off from them.
For me, it's not that it is such a burden if they always by our side. Their present is to complete our life :) We should be grateful anyway. Love them with all over our heart :)

I like my surrounding nowadays. Just... I need to get use of it. I'm kinda still newbies with this kind of situation. I won't mind so much 'cause I know God will show me the way :) 

The sadness, happiness, madness, fearless, hopeless and so much one. I can handle it by my own. 
I know who I am and I know what should I do. Maybe it is good to let things go but we can't easily to let it go. Maybe it is good to denied anything but we cant hide the true feelings. Life is simple if you understand the concept of life. I don't say I that I'm good enough about everything but I'm good enough to understand myself before I understand people. I always look myself first before trying to help or advise other.

I feel much better to have a great friends. I know that some friends won't be by my side always. I understand why. Everyone knows about their friends, how is their friends. My BEST FRIEND is MEMORIES :)

I couldn't express how much I L O V E my life. My life is colorful and thanks God I still can survive until now :) Everything went smoothly. I handle it with care but some people don't care. I don't mind :') 
Everything that happened has it's own reason :) Plus, nothing is impossible.

I think that's all for tonight :) GBu~ Have a bless day readers.

Sweet Love from me 

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