Saturday, 14 January 2012


Shalom readers! :) Have a bless day.

Regarding to the title that I've been typed. This picture (below) has attract my attention and I want shares with you guys a little about my experience and thoughts.

I ever felt that way before and it's true I ever regret on it. Well, we are human being and we are not perfect in this world. We always do mistake and ask forgiveness from God. Some people are lucky and some people are not. For me, I admit that I'm not perfect and always do mistake and I assume myself not that lucky too. 
It's not that I'm naive. This is me, always thinking that I'm not good enough for other people. And maybe it's not the right time now. I do love someone and my bad, I can't even manage to make it on time telling that person how much I love him. Maybe it's not my destiny and I should let it everything to God. I know HE will show me the way where should I belong. I will follow his footsteps.

I agree with the quotes (picture above). Only heart can understand the Love Language. 

Hmm! This picture (above) is so sweet  I ever thought to have a scene like this =P HAHA. Just only in my dream, I guess. I prefer this kind of character in man =) No need for us (girls) to tell. They know how to calm our heart. Although I keep on babbler or mad at him, suddenly he grab my hand and hug me in his warm arm. I know he will care and understand =') GOSH!! Jiwanglah pulak. HAHA. xD Forget about that. It just a dream. I don't believe it 'cause it won't happen. Seldom to see a guy that dares to do it. That’s all for today =) GBu~ *BIG hugs from me ^^

Sweet Love from me 

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