Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Life is really too short. Forgive quickly, apologize sincerely, live your life happily. 
If we don't use it very well, we can't have it once again. It's hard to repeat it @ make it exactly the same at first. 

We are sometimes at the highest among the others and sometimes we are at the lower part.
Life is just like a  circle. So many obstacles that we have to face by ourselves. Seriously, I still love him but I know that both him and I won't be together like usual. Won't talk as usual. We were totally stranger. I don't blame anyone. If it has to be like that, I'll just follow it with no doubt.

Nowadays, I've been push myself really hard. I don't care anymore about my heart. It's seem worthless already. Just a simple thing I can't handle it well. Let myself find the peace. Let myself hold it on. I know I still need more space with all of this. 

I will learn the way it moves, its silence, its talk and so on. I know it won't be hard. Just... I need more patience (= That's all. May God bless my plan and bless my beloved on and also everyone that I know.

Sweet Love from me 

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