Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Shalom readers! =D 
The day is still same as usual. Nothing much to compare =P
Well~ ! I think I wanna change my style. Is it possible? HEHE. 
I'm totally in ♥ with vintage style =D it's been a long time already. Just I can't make it on time. I hope I can fulfill it HEHE xD I went to the mall just now, there's still a lotsa discount price for clothes, bags, shoes, dresses and so much more. My eyes were (♥.♥) 

Never mind. Still got lotsa days been here. I'll take time to discover, survey and searching for it >.< 
If I could, I wanna change the whole things inside me. Mentally to physically =P In and out.
But...this is me. I'm still wanna be me =)

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